This update addresses Secret Express’s strategy beyond February 2024, specifically regarding the leadership’s decision to transition Keplr’s API responsibilities to a new service provider, with keplr expenses, services, etc explicity not being our responsiblity as of the end of Feb 2024. Express fully supports this direction and the right of leadership to go in that direction.

Acknowledging that Secret Express has already operated for nearly twice the duration initially funded, and this strategic decision is expected to allow express to extend operations to roughly four times the original period (which was 3 months). This extension is possible because of lower costs for providing next generation equipment and allocating the remaining funding more efficiently.

The pause will coincide with the integration of third-generation (3rd gen) support into the Secret Network, after which Secret Express intends to resume its activities. This pause was planned based on assurances Keplr API needs would be handled by another provider, and travel plans being made to coincide with the communicated take over date.

Updates will be provided should there be any developments necessitating a revision of this plan.