2024 Update

Secret Express: Changes in 2024 and Future Commitments

Updated Jan 25, 2024 based on discussions with decision makers on Secret Network.

Hello everyone,

Happy holiday season, we have some exciting updates to share regarding the Secret Express API and its future plans. After months of extensive discussions, heated arguments, and careful consideration, it has been decided to implement significant changes, many of which are effective from March 2024, and others will take place sooner. In this blog post, these changes will be outlined to provide clarity on what to expect from Secret Express moving forward.

1. Transition to a For-Profit Model

The most significant change is a transition to a for-profit model. This decision is aimed at ensuring the long-term sustainability of our API services and removing politics from the equation. Unlike before, Secret Express will no longer depend on governance proposals, signals, or other similar mechanisms to maintain and operate the API. Our business model will depend entirely on other revenues and paired with streamlined operating expenses.

2. Costs Incurred

While Secret Express will incur costs, the service will continue without the need for governance proposals, signals, texts, or spends but may pause after Feb 2024 until DCAP support is added to Secret Network.

3. Capacity

Regarding capacity, capacity will be determined based on available hardware capacity and at the sole discretion of Secret Express.

4. Spartan Hardware

As a part of the self sustainable model, relaying and endpoint providing will be explored as the time approaches when native incentives and other essential functionality becomes more commonplace Cosmos SDK-based chains. This is considered an acceptable use of Spartan hardware in the on-chain proposal and or the charter attached to the proposal.

Thank You to the Community

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the community for support in bootstrapping some of the hardware behind us as a service provider. This contribution has been instrumental in shaping Secret Express into what it is today, and giving the runway to build battle-tested solutions.

Secret Express Vision for the Future

I’m excited about the future of Secret Express and the possibilities it holds. The goal is to make this solution lean, reliable, and entirely self-sustainable, fulfilling the terms of the Spartan proposal. I aspire to relieve the community of the expenses associated with having to pay further for API solutions, while still providing the best services possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out via Secret Express Telegram; any feedback is welcome.

Thank you, xoxo Secret Express